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Meet Us



Navajo Nation President-elect

Dr. Buu Nygren is Táchii'nii born for Naa’ádaalts’ósí. His maternal grandfather is Todích'íí'nii and his paternal grandfather is Naa’ádaalts’ósí. He is married to Arizona State Representative (LD-7) Jasmine Blackwater Nygren.

Jasmine is Hashtł’ishnii born for Áshįįhí. Her maternal grandfather is Nóóda’í Dine’é Táchii’nii and her paternal grandfather is Bit’ahnii.

Together, they have a newborn and they make their home in Red Mesa (AZ).


Navajo Nation Vice President-elect

Richelle Montoya is Hashtł’ishnii born for Ta’neeszahnii. Her maternal grandfather is Kinłich’íi’nii and her paternal grandfather is Táchii’nii. She is married to Olsen Chee.

Olsen is Nałaní Tódik'ozhi born for Tódích'íi'nii. His maternal grandfather is Tódích'íi'nii and his paternal grandfather is Táchii'nii.

They have a family of six children and make their home in Torreon/Star Lake (NM).


Our values


Economy Forward

No more turning away entrepreneurs: Our job is to give our small business owners every chance to succeed. That begins with a fundamental change in the way we do business on the Navajo Nation. We will eliminate costly and discouraging red-tape imposed by our current Navajo Nation policy, starting with business site leasing reform and digitizing the registration and tax process.

Infrastructure Investment

Smart infrastructure will create new opportunities for our homes and businesses to succeed. In the coming years, previously approved funding in electrical, water, and broadband infrastructure will need to be reexamined with leadership that has experience. That's where the Nygren-Montoya Administration will make Navajo investment dollars go further.

Sustainable Social Services

Veterans services, Missing & Murdered Diné/Indigenous Relatives, Women and Childrens' home support, elders support, and enhanced support for alcohol and substance abuse are all needed for us to move forward as a Nation. We each recognize the need, and the Nygren-Montoya Administration will put these issues at the forefront of our social services programs.

Accountable Transparency

With our experience at the local levels and with the Nation as a whole, the Nygren-Montoya Administration will enact and enforce accountability and transparency policies across all parts of the Executive Branch as mandated by Title 2 of the Navajo Nation Code. This will involve a fundamental shift to secure, digitized processes that will result in greater efficiencies in delivering services to the Navajo People.



Navajo Nation Inauguration

We've only just begun!

Become a Volunteer!

The Nygren-Montoya Inauguration Team is excited about the next steps in helping our Navajo Nation leaders assume office by hosting the 2023 Navajo Nation Inauguration. We are calling out to all interested individuals and parties to join Dr. Nygren and Ms. Montoya as volunteers to help with the events and activities of the inauguration celebration.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Navajo Nation Inauguration, please visit our registration form CLICK HERE and fill in the information to become a volunteer for the event. There are plenty of opportunities to serve during the inauguration, so please provide us your information, and we will help you find a way to #JoinBuu!

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