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Inauguration Ceremony for Navajo Nation Officials to take place January 10, 2023 at 10AM

PHOTO: A flier that presents information about the 2023 Navajo Nation Inauguration on Tuesday, January 10, at 10AM in Fort Defiance, Navajo Nation (Arizona); Included are the portraits of President-elect Buu Nygren and Vice President-elect Richelle Montoya, the Navajo Nation Seal, and graphic representing the four sacred mountains of the Navajo People.
PHOTO: A flier for the 2023 Navajo Nation Inauguration (link to PDF file below).

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 21, 2022

WINDOW ROCK, Navajo Nation — Navajo Nation President-elect Dr. Buu Nygren and Vice President-elect Richelle Montoya will take their oaths of office at the 2023 Navajo Nation Inauguration ceremony alongside the 25th Navajo Nation Council on January 10, 2023, at 10:00am to 1:00pm (MST) at the Bee Hółdzil Fighting Scouts Events Center (Stronghold) in Fort Defiance, Navajo Nation (Arizona).

The Navajo People and general public are invited to take part in the historic 2023 Navajo Nation Inauguration, which will include the youngest-ever Navajo Nation President, the first female Navajo Nation Vice President, and nine female Navajo Nation Council delegates who will be sworn-in.

The inauguration ceremony will include the offices of President and Vice President of the Navajo Nation, the 25th Navajo Nation Council, Navajo Nation Board of Education, Navajo Nation Board of Election Supervisors and local governance Commissioners.

Following the Navajo Nation General Election, volunteer members of the Nygren-Montoya Campaign established the 2023 Navajo Nation Inauguration Committee adjacent to the Nygren-Montoya Transition Team.

The Committee has developed, in partnership with the Navajo Nation Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, and sponsors, a full schedule of events that will follow the inauguration ceremony that includes:

  • Meal for attendees,

  • Navajo traditional Song & Dance,

  • Pow-wow Celebration,

  • Gospel Celebration,

  • Inaugural Ball (Invitation-only event).

The events will be hosted in and around the Window Rock area. More information, including an Inauguration Day schedule, will be shared with the public as events are finalized.

Members of the media desiring credentials for the 2023 Navajo Nation Inauguration are encouraged to contact Mr. Spencer Willie, media coordinator, at as soon as possible.

School groups planning to attend are encouraged to complete the online form at the following link to receive assistance with their visit to the 2023 Navajo Nation Inauguration:

LINK: Navajo Nation Inauguration School Sign Up

For more information about the 2023 Navajo Nation Inauguration Day schedule of events as details become available, visit:



Patrick Sandoval, Transition Director

Byron C. Shorty, Communications Director

(505) 371-8393

For press distribution, send an email to:

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